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Ply Reporter Readers View
»Kantilal, Patel Plywood & Hardware, Tirupati
I really like your magazine and appreciate your work what you are doing for this trade I found most of time anyone from the Ply Reporter always in the market. I request to you please ad some data from the hardware & tools side it will help us.
»M. Nagendra Prasad, Sri Nagendra Glass & Plywoods, Kadapa (AP)
Magazine is good I always update myself from the market with the help of latest issue and I always waiting for when I will get latest one Ply Reporter team always comes with market truth there are some any publication also in the market but Ply Reporter news part make it different to others.
»Narender Kumar N Patel, Jethalal & Nanji Brothers, Hyderabad
With the help of this we get the real news of markets about manufacturings/ products / govt.policies / new launches and also future trend of market situations. I would say it as a trader in this line of business that it helps me upgrade myself with the markets situations and the products in different parts of country, which certainly keeps one updated and refreshed in business from time to time, but then those who do not recieve Plyreporter are really in dark and other side of business community.My good wishes and best regards to all people of Plyreporter for their relentless and enduring on time service.
»Dada Vali, M.S. Trading Company, Anantpur (AP)
I am regular reader of magazine and really like "The Ply Reporter" and its team work. You are really doing good work I am always update myself from the market with the help of magazine and thankful for all the ply reporter team hope you always keep us updated from the trade.
»Sumit Mangal, Globe Panel, Yamuna Nagar
In your January issue, Possibilities of 2011 article was presented very well and informative. Such articles are eye openers for the industry and trade.
»Vijay Handu, Rainbow Laminates Pvt. Ltd (Rotolam)
December issue of The Ply Reporter magazine was really very good and well presented. The way you given the prediction of 2010 were very informative. I have been reading your magazine since years but this issue is very note worthy.
»Mehul Shah, Stonevision Worldwide LLP
I really appreciate the noteworthy services rendered by you in providing us a larger platform and reach through The Ply Reporter magazine that have helped us acquire tremendous amount of business enquiries from across the nation.
We have been reaching the right customers and have been receiving good business since our association with The Ply Reporter magazine. We hope the association grows and we get fruitful business opportunities on a long term basis.
»Makhan Gattani, Managing Director, Gattani Industries
Just now I received December, 10 issue of The Ply Reporter edition. No doubt now this magazine is No. 1 in plywood line but to maintain as No. 1 status you must cover the north east region also because NE region plywood industries are now also having major contribution in total production of plywood. Thanks for providing lots of latest information.
»Satinder Pal, A Retailer, Ferojpur
With the help of The Ply Reporter I am regularly update myself from the market, last three to five issues has a very good information about plywood Industries.
»Pankaj Garg, Agni Plywood
Cover story published on Orissa market was eye opener for plywood industry. I was not aware that Orissa is such a good market. It will also help the Orissa plywood trade.
»Rakesh Agarwal, Metro Decoratives Pvt Ltd
Your magazine is good. Industry and trade people wait for your issue. But I find that event section of your magazine looks boring sometime because of number of pictures printed. You should publish the events because it is also information, but should maintain the uniformity in presentation.
»Gopal Singh, Truwood, Orissa
Cover story on Orissa Plywood market published in your magazine in October issue was very informative. It will help the Orissa plywood and panel market in future.
»G.S.Lakhotia,Mayur Ply Industries Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
I have gone through your cover story of Orrissa Chalo ,it was designed very nicely & the data which you have collected & mentioned in article is really gives a very good boost to the panel industry. Again I request to you that you must do this efforts to other states also, this type of serve is eye opener for the industry.
»Yogesh Arora, Greenply
Cover story on Orissa market published in your magazine was well researched. It showed the reach and hard work of your team. Congrates!
»Manish Kedia, Bhutan Tuff
It is an amazing coverage of Orissa plywood market in your cover story. You have covered each and every aspect of the market. I would like to congratulate your team work.
»Nenshi Shah on WoodPanel entrepreneurs & Ply-Reporter
Aisa bahut kam hota hai ki trade ko media se margdarshan milta hai, Ply-Reporter ne 10 sal me jo kiya hai am vyapari varg ke liye uski  jitni pranshansha ki jaye wok am hai, ATMA ne unke sahyog se is book ko launch kiya is se is trade ko labh hoga, India aur world level par ply-Reporter ne is trade ke sath jo knowledge share kiya hai wo kamal ka hai.
»Mr. Dilip Patel, Sri Plywood Home, Vijaywada
Ply-Reporter has brought a big change in the market, market is open now and one can directly contact Yamuna nagar manufacturers just because of your efforts.
»Mr. Shyam, Sai Plywood,Hyderabad
You all doing great job with your information on industry , but in Hyderabad here Chinese market of veneer has ruined the market we can sell so many brands from our local market which has better quality, you must stop these wrong practices with your initiatives. 
»Mr. Srikanth K- Bhavani agencies, Hyderabad
Ply- Reporter as a magazine has done a tremendous job, apart from plywood we are working with north india market in other panle products also, we are working with costal industry but it gives a fare idea about the industry which is untouched here.
»Samir Goel, Sarswati Agro Industries, Khanna
In July, 2010 issue, Apni Baat column subject “Mahangai Dayan Khay Jat Hai” is very well presented. It is the real fact of country as well as panel industry.  Congratulation!
»Virendra Jindal, Ambica Plywood, Rampur
The Ply Reporter is the best magazine, very informative and readable.  You should start a separate column on what Reporters team thinks about present panel market scenario.
»Pankaj Garg, Agni Plywood, Yamunanagar
By some error of Postal department, I received more than 100 copies of The Ply Reporter last month. But I overwhelmed to see the circulation of your magazine, which has sent to interior location of dealers.
»Rakesh Chandna, CP Plywood, Delhi
I feel good when I read The Ply Reporter Magazine. It has lots of information. It is very standardized magazine of Indian Panel industry and trade.
»Manish Kedia, Bhutan Tuff Plywood
Very good work by The Ply Reporter team! The content of your magazine shows your hard work. Keep it up!
»Rakesh Khurana, Radha Krishna Plywood, Yamunanagar
The Ply Reporter magazine has grown up, with the growth of Indian Panel industry. Reporter team works hard to collect information and data.
»Bhanu Pratap Singla, Ambey Plywood, Patiala
The cover story published in May, 2010 issue on Labour Crisis was well researched. Everyone should follow the suggestions given by you.
»Naresh Tiwari, Samir Gupta, Venus Plywood, Jalandhar
The Ply Reporter is the best magazine in our industry. You people have widely presented in the industry and trade. This is the only magazine, from where we get information about trade and make ourselves update. You always come up with new ideas, it helps our industry.
»Avinash Singla, Avinash Agro Private Limited, Khanna
Through The Ply reporter we get current information about technology and machine. Your predictions are very true about the market. I wait your magazine very eagerly but could not find on time. You should assure the timely delivery of magazine to industry people.
»K Damodaran S, Bangalore
Dear Mr Dvivedi, Thank you for mailing  the Plyeporter regularly.I keenly observe the qualitative  improvement of the magazine.Congrats! Wish you all the best in all your future endeavours.
I refer to the cover story article of May 2010 issue. It appears that you take a lot of efforts in preparing such articles. I am sure that the industry is immensely benefited. As a follow up to this article, I suggest, you may publish your views on ‘current training needs of the wood products industry in India’. This should probably cover both ‘on the job’ and ‘off the job’ training of personnel employed at specific area of operation and at various levels.
You may try to get all the information on the training facilities at Institutes, industry, associations,etc. in the country.

Best wishes
K DamodaranS

»Y. Ansari , Director , Hi-tech Wood Products , Yamuna Nagar
Ply Reporter is very informative magazine and different from other trade magazines.
»Yogesh Batra , Director , Batra Plywood , Yamuna Nagar
Your latest articles & different interviews have proved very informative for us. Your team is very hard working.
»Sagar R Rao , Associate Vice President , Bloom Dekor Ltd
Regarding the Price I agree with your observation, thanks to ILMA in playing a major role convincing all its members to increase the price but it is most unfortunate very few organised companies could implement the price increase, but many unorganised sections still selling at old rate taking advantage of the situation of demand and supply gap. Further suggest ILMA can initiate additional duty matter with central government in pleading to roll back the excise duty imposed during recent budget,shall give small relief in reducing additional cost on product to the end user. Further I appreciate Ply Reporters team for updating laminate manufacturers and connected professional on marketing activities raw material prices and freight information it is all really helping us in many ways for taking proper decision. I look forward to see more contribution from you to the laminate industry and wish you to become one of the leading sources of information to the world markets as well.
»Sajjan Dokania , Managing Director , Durian Industries
Ply Reporter magazine has become the stock source of information about Panel industry & trade. Some time trade people refer me your magazine concern industry news. I also like to congratulate Ply Reporter team for completing 10 years of publication.
»Pankaj Garg , Agni Plywood , Yamuna Nagar
The cover story published in October issue, about the Block Board production and market scenario was well researched by you.
»Ronak Sah , Euro flooring , Mumbai
The Ply Reporter is the only trade magazine, which presents in every exhibition, meet and market. The reporters’ team is very enthusiastic about the panel market and industry.
»Ramesh Patel , Patel Timber Depot , Secunderabad
The Ply Reporter is the only magazine, which has bunch of market information and updates. It keeps us update about the present market movement and happenings. It is right media, which links a manufacturer with dealers.
»Ajay Garg , Unique Collection Pvt Ltd , Delhi
The Interview of Shobhan Mittal, Greenply Industry, published in your October issue, was very informative. The questions and answers were well complied.
»Rankit Thakkar , Vibrant Decor India Pvt Limited
First there were 1-2 magazine in the market entrance of  Ply-reporter has given a tough competition and made this trade look different because they come with good concept and VDOMAG is a new feather which they have added, it’s a benefit for the people this will give manufacturer to know more about the product and also consumer more products.
»Arun Patel , Sharpex Engg.
Ply Reporter works as a bridge informing the consumer about each product what manufacturer comes with, they are bridging the requirement of this trade
»Amrit Patel , Signature Laminate
Ply Reporter ne apni bhumika khub ada ki hai aaj laminate aur Plywood trade me inki ahmiyat aaj bahut upar hai
»Vishal Aggarwal , Millennium Laminates Pvt Ltd
Really you people have done a great job particularly the way you have covered laminate industry is remarkable no other magazine had done it earlier with covering all the aspects
»Naresh Goyal , Rama Panel
Its Really expanding day by day and doing better also, Ply Reporter has been converting all the aspects of trade weather its market aspect, technical aspects, or its matter of raising the voice of manufacturer or bringing their problems to the right platform so I would say that the Ply-reporter is a right Platform for the Plywood manufacturers and dealers. They are working like an international magazine, they are coming video format also it will be very beneficial for the industry.
»Shobhan Mittal , Greenply
A Very informative and comprehensive product for our industry. The foremost source of information for industry related matters and developments.