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Aluminium Composite Panel has emerged as a material of choice for surface finishing due to qualities like light weight, modem finish, easy installation processes, weather proof coating and evolved workability.

Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) is a widely-used term describing flat panels that consist of a non-aluminium core bonded between two aluminum sheets. Aluminium sheets can be coated with PVDF or Polyester paint. Aluminium Composite Panels are made of aluminium sheets on both sides with PE core & coated with beautiful polyester resin or with PVDF Kynar 500 fluorocarbon coatings.

ACP is very rigid and strong despite its light weight. Aluminium can be painted in any kind of color, and ACPs are produced in a wide range of metallic and non-metallic colors as well as patterns that imitate other materials, such as wood or marble.
Besides its wide applications in external cladding of building, it can also be used in any form of cladding such as partitions, false ceilings etc. Aluminium Composite Panels are also widely used within the signage industry as an alternative to heavier, more expensive substrates.
For its application in insulation, the core is commonly low density Polyethylene or an insulating material no less than 10cm thick..

The ACP Advantage:

Light in weight
High in Strength
Extreme Rigidity & Density
Exceptional Weather-proofing Feature
Excellent In Heat Insulation & Sound Insulation
Easily Processed & Fabricated
Quickly Installed
Good Anti-Scratching Surface, Super Smoothness & Flatness
Outstanding Color & Glossiness Coating Layers
Excellent Self Cleaning
Good Flexibility Fits Various Designs
Excellent UV Characteristics Retains Color, Offers Long Exposure
Resistance to Blow & Breakage
Easy to Maintain
Environment Friendly
Very Economical
Choice Of different Colors
Available in Various Sizes