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MDF is the most versatile of wood panel products. It is a fibre board made from wood or lignocellulosic material refined into fibres and reconstituted with a resin binder carrying elevated temperatures and then sanded to uniform and precise thickness to get best quality plain and prelaminated MDF boards. The main advantage is it’s homogeneous structure with uniform texture and properties throughout. It is easier to machine than natural wood and can be intricately and precisely machined and finished for producing the highest quality of furniture, cabinets and construction components.

Key Features

• Eco-friendly, since it uses lops and tops of fast growing species of plantation wood, thus preserving forest cover
• Uniform density properties ensure resemblance to natural wood and freedom from knots and twists
• Available in a wide range of pastel shades in wood grain and in thicknesses from 8 mm to 25 mm
• Available in exterior and interior grades and in variants of single-sided and double-sided laminations.
• High internal bond
• Strong load bearing panel
• High modulus of rupture
• Smooth surface, thus does not require finishing
• Does not warp, bend or change even when exposed to humid conditions
• Can be moulded & routed to give any shape
• Edges do not split as it has a single solid core
• High screw holding strength


Typical applications of MDF boards include furniture, modular kitchen, cupboards, chairs, benches to name a few. MDF is also used in many other applications viz. decorative gift items, toys, handicrafts, sports goods, scientific instruments, speaker boxes, slates, scales, shoe heels, drawer bottoms, photo lamination, backs of cabinets and center panels in framed doors, wall and ceiling paneling.