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Blockboard is a kind of plywood , core of which is made of solid wood strips 7-30 millimeters wide . The core is covered with veneers on each side and then to be hot-pressed .
The wood strips in the core can be glued together or can be not glued .

The core can be joined by hands or by machine . There are only few small core gaps or even no core gaps in machine-made core . But core gaps are common in man-made cores . Machine-made core is much better than man-made core .

Generally , blockboard are used for furniture and construction . But blockboard are not suitable for exterior use . Because usually the glues used for blockboard are MR glue (interior glue) only . Blockboard can also be used as the base for decorative panel (such as fancy blockboard )

Usually, blockboard are cheaper than plywood ( i.e. veneer plywood) of same thickness . But the good quality blockboard with machine-made core are more expensive than plywood of same thickness .