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Timber plywood is a term used to describe wood that has been processed for use as from the time trees are planned for industrial use, to its end product as a material suitable for industrial use as such as structural material for construction or wood pulp for paper production..

In the U.K. and Australia, "timber" is also the term for the sawed wood product (boards), whereas in the U.S., this is most often referred to as "lumber".

The term TIMBER! is also used as a warning call to warn others working in the same area that a tree is going to fall down and that they should take care to get out of the way of its path. People may also use the term in this way to refer to other objects that fall.

The major steps in producing lumber involve logging (the felling and preparation of timber for shipment to sawmills), sawing the logs into boards, grading the boards according to defects and intended use, drying, and finishing the rough boards into smoother products.

Among the leading lumber-producing countries in the world are Russia and the United States, which together produce over 50% of the world's lumber supply.
Lumbering was one of the first industries in North America–its first exports were ship timbers. Logging was a frontier industry, the work being rough, dangerous, and difficult.