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Film Face Plywood

Film faced shuttering ply is compact and toughened quality structural plywood. It is used in high end construction purposes. It is ideal for exposed concrete shuttering and frameworks. It is manufactured from well selected hardwood core and veneers, bonded with specially formulated Phenolic Formaldehyde Resin.

An external coating of Phenolic Polymer Film gives a super smooth, uniform surface finish. shuttering ply is treated with special preservatives which makes it resistant to termite and fungus. It is much denser than as compared to BWP plywood due to a thicker face of veneer is used and the compression is much more as well.

This plywood withstands the corrosive action of cement, water and sunlight. Careful handling of installation, shipping & storing helps in attaining high reusable value (up to 15-20 times on standard basis) on either side of shuttering plywood. It has unmatched quality for railing, screw holding, heat resistance, hardness property to bear all the toughest conditions. This product is having strong load bearing capacity, which prevents swelling during shuttering works.


It has the perfectly bound layers for best railing, screw holding, heat resistance and hardness.
Glossy mirror finish making the construction process easy, smooth and cheap.

Best for re-use
Reusing it many times as shuttering plywood, it can be used for paneling, roofing, flooring, partitions and manufacturing of furniture.


1. It is overlaid with a phenolic film to protect from water.
2. It can withstand heavy load of concrete and vibrations caused while pouring the concrete.
3. If used in properly, it gives you the maximum economical advantages.

High end usage like Bridges, Flyovers, Ship building etc.
Water tanks, cooling towers, all high end buildings etc. that used maximum strength and security.